Tuesday, January 25, 2011

11 Step To Get Page Rank For New Blogger

 Google just announce the new Page Rank. My blog have Page Rank 2 now, its great but not enough for me. I want better Page Rank than 2 :). You can read about Page Rank in the internet, you'll find so many article about it. But I think Page Rank is still mystery to me. Its one of the secrets of the search engines. People can talk about SEO but Page Ranks still the secret of the search engines. And that's why is always interesting talking about SEO or Page Ranks :)

OK. I've got Page Rank 2 now. This blog haven't its first birthday :) but its got some progress even not fully success. Still I'm happy for the achievement. I'm learn a lots of thing by managing this blog. I've got so many good friend from this blog. I found so many follower (friends) that following my progress.

Now I want to share about how to get your Page Rank, I learn from what I've been through with this blog. I want in the future, this blog have a better Page Rank. I've learn from may mistakes too.
  1. Content.
    Content still the king. Create useful and informative contents.
  2. Keyword.
    Always about keywords here. Put your keyword on your blog title, post tittle, firs paragraphs, image (if you put images on your post). Use bold or h2 attribute on your keywords in the articles. Optimizing your keywords is good for better rank.
  3. Meta tags.
    Optimzing your meta tags on tags on your blog. Meta tags description for your blog and tags for your article.
  4. Search Engines Submission.
    Submit your blog to the search engines. This submission will help your blog index by the search engines.
  5. Directory Submission.
    Submit your blog to Blog Directories and submit your article to Article Directories. This will help you to get back links and traffic.
  6. Blogger Community.
    Join blogger community to get friends, traffic and backlink.
  7. Sitemap.
    Create your blog's sitemap for the main search engines. Sitemap help Google crawl your blog.
  8. Post Regular.
    Google love to see your blog when its up date. Always try to create an article in regular base.
  9. Use Ping Service.
    Ping your blog every time you up date your blog. Ping service will tell Google that your up dating your blog.
  10. Consistency.
    Consistence with your niche and keywords. Try to publish article only on your niche and keywords.
  11. Link Building.
    Google always love links. Try to get links from other blog that have high rank, relevant with your blog, etc. Do not link farming with put too many links on your blog. Google hate this. Get backlink, one way link or three way link if you can.
This article dedicated to new bloggers. I hope this article will help my new bloggers friends to get their Page Rank in the short time :). This article created from my experiences managing this blog. For the expert , I hope you like to share with us if there another tips from your experiences. We all here love to hear the tips from the expert.

Keep On Blogging!

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